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Free Shipping + No Sales Tax (excl. NJ) on All Products!

Viper Dead On Sisal Dartboard, Hudson Cabinet, Throw Line Marker, Black Mariah Steel Tip Darts & Shadow Buster Dartboard Light Bundle 40-1092

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Breathe new life into your darts game with the Viper Dead On Sisal Dartboard and Hudson Cabinet Bundle! You'll be shooting straight and winning every duel after practicing a few times with this set! The Dead On is Tournament Quality Regulation 17.75" in diameter and made from compressed sisal fibers, granting it substantial longevity in comparison to wood-based boards. This is due to the material's "self-healing" nature: the sisal fibers automatically close the holes left behind by your darts, essentially returning the board to its original state whenever a dart is removed. You can also rotate the detachable number ring around the board, allowing your prime spots to move to a new section when the previous ones wear down. Its staple-free bullseye and galvanized triangular spider wire also significantly decrease your odds of bouncing out upon impact. Usable with virtually any sisal dartboard, the Black Mariah darts are built around coated brass alloy barrels. The alloy itself is durable and inexpensive, while the knurling, grooves and rings on the barrels allow for an easier grip and ensure your throws are consistently accurate. The darts also feature aluminum shafts that utilize a locking mechanism to fit the barrels more securely; these shafts are sturdy enough to withstand any impact, yet still light enough to sail smoothly through the air. Further enhancing their flying ability are the flights, each of which boasts a stylish design. The Hudson Cabinet containing the board is constructed from pine and held together via box joints; its back is reinforced with thick cloth to protect your wall from punctures. The doors of the cabinet are fitted with self-closing brushed nickel hinges and feature built-in dry erase scoreboards. Extra darts can be held in the storage slots built into the lower corners of the board area. The Shadow Buster illuminates your dartboard from above, making it - and all of your targets - visible in any rec room at any time. It also flips up when not in use and runs on four AA batteries. Rounding out the bundle is a standard throw line marker that's easily applied to any floor.


Tournament Quality Regulation 17.75" dartboard is usable with both steel-tip and soft-tip darts

Compressed sisal fibers re-align after darts have been removed, making the board more durable

Staple-free bullseye and galvanized triangular spider wire both reduce bounce-outs

Rotating number ring allows you to use every section and curb wear and tear

Dart barrels are made from coated brass alloy and boast unmatched durability